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Mist Ozone GeneratorDeomist

Mist Ozone Generator: Deomist

Do instant spot deodorization with Deomist
A mist ozone generator that decomposes odors from their source

This mist ozone generator enables instant spot deodorization by combining the strong oxidizing effect of ozone with water mist. Because the ozone is in mist form, you can focus deodorization on the spot with offensive odor.


Deodorization of hotel guest rooms, inside elevators, bathrooms, toilets, apartment garbage areas, etc.

Features of Mist Ozone Generator: Deomist

Spot deodorization

Deodorize the source of the odor directly using ozone. Because the ozone is in mist form, you can focus deodorization on the spot with offensive odor.

Capable of instant deodorization,
with a wide range of applications

Misting maximizes the effect of ozone. Ozone mist decomposes immediately, so it is safe for people to enter the room during deodorization work.

Maximum Effect
Remove even stubborn odors

Can even get rid of stubborn odors in curtains and other textile products.

Light and compact

Weighs just 7kg and comes with a shoulder strap, so you can use it easily while moving around.

Safe Design

Comes equipped with an ozone gas spraying prevention feature and automatic stop feature.

Product Specifications

Model: HOF-1030
System: Silent Discharge System
External Dimensions: W250 × D150 × H300mm (Not including projection)
Weight: Approx. 7kg (dry weight)
Rated Voltage: AC100V 50/60Hz
Rated Current: 0.8A (50Hz)
1.0A (60Hz)
Raw Material Gas: Air
Water Supply: Tap water or equivalent water
Ozone Generation: 350mg/h
Air Flow: 10L/min
Mist Rate: 7mL/min
Setup / Use Location: Portable model, indoors
Ambient Temperature: 5~35℃
Ambient Humidity: 85%RH (No condensation)
Accessories: Grounded 3P-2P conversion adapter, shoulder strap, nozzle cleaner pin
Water Bottle Volume: 500mL
Maintenance: Compressor (2,000 hours each)
Compressor intake filter (2,000 hours each)
Compressor discharge filter (2,000 hours each)
Bottle filter (replace when there is clogging)
Remarks: Water presence sensor
With timer operation/automatic stop mode

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