Event toilets for easing congestion

Can be used by up to 3 people simultaneously, which helps to shorten the line for toilets in event venues and the like. Offers improved loading efficiency and saves space, making it easier to handle from an operational perspective.

Flushing System

  • Non-Flush


Event venues, concert venues, marathon venues, etc.

EVERES Toilet Features

Space saving design shortens wait time for toilets

1 unit can be used by up to 3 people simultaneously. Because it takes up less space than a typical portable toilet, more units can be installed, and reducing wait time for toilets

Installation work can be done by just 1 person

Our design emphasizes work efficiency, so just 1 person is enough to transport, assemble, install, and remove this unit.

Makes loading for transportation more efficient

A urinal can be stored inside, so no space is wasted when loading for transportation. Waste tanks can be stacked up to three levels high.

Excellent layout

You can freely combine components, making it possible to install a way that suits the location or adjust guidelines for users.

Product List

Non-FlushTU-EVS3 Partition / Enclosure / Roof

  • Urinal
  • WeightApprox. 50kg
  • Waste Tank250L
Product No.: 1213010
Size: W1834 × D990 × H2077
Remarks: Comes with 1 box of deodorant / insecticide (25g × 4bags)


Casting Weight

*Make certain to lash the casting weight to the toilet with rope, etc.

Curing Mat
Connecting Hose
Deodorant / Insecticide

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