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Portable Toilet Management System hint

Portable toilets have evolved

Recently, there are more outdoor events such as music festivals and fireworks shows, where regular people use portable toilets. More portable toilets are also western style, and more people are demanding clean and comfortable toilet spaces. “hint” is a system that collects data on the usage of the portable toilets and manages them on a website. We aim to provide toilet environments that are comfortable and safe for both the managers and users of portable toilets. Using IoT technology, hint propels us toward a new era of portable toilets.

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Event venues, concert venues, construction sites, etc.

Portable Toilet Management System Features

image of hint

Toilet Manager:
Access from dedicated website

Displays toilet usage for each installation location.
  • Reduced waiting time by displaying toilet occupancy to visitors online.
  • Finds users who have shut themselves in toilets by sending notifications of extended occupancy.
Displays remaining flush water and waste tank usage rate.
  • Can predict the time of water refill and waste removal in advance, reducing the work involved in management.
Aggregates data on toilet occupancy.
  • Aggregated data can be used for following events.

Toilet Users:
Access by scanning the 2D bar code from panels or fliers inside the venue

Displays toilet occupancy for each installation location.
  • Users can see where toilets are inside the venue, so they will have no difficulty finding a toilet even in a large venue.
  • Waiting time can be relieved by checking the vacancy of toilets.

Winner of Good Design Award Best 100


Our portable toilet management system: hint was awarded the 2019 Good Design Awards Best 100. It was also selected as a “judge’s favorite”.
The “Good Design Award (G Mark)” is the only system in Japan for evaluating and promoting design, conducted by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Many companies and other organizations both from Japan and abroad participate in these awards to make our lives, industries, and society as a whole more prosperous, by selecting and awarding “good designs” from among various developments in the year.
Judges highly praised our system when selecting the Best 100.

“By implementing IoT in portable toilets, the company has offered a stress-free system that not only tells users which units are unoccupied, but also gives the remote maintenance company updated information on the levels of water and septic tank. Designed specifically for porta potties, it offers convenience and an indispensable service in an area where the significance is often overlooked. It is developed with the use at large-scale events such as fireworks and music festivals in mind, but will sure become extremely useful at construction sites and in the event of emergency such as natural disasters. All the judges gave high appraisal for offering a lightly regarded but important service.”

See here for an overview of the award

Product Specifications

Size: Transmitter Box: W250 × D150 × H100
Sensor: W42 × D24 × H10
Weight: Transmitter Box: 1.5kg
Sensor: 10g
Detector System: Infrared
Rated Voltage: AC100V
Rated Power Consumption: Approx. 3W
Communication Environment: LTE
Remarks: *Actual status may differ from information displayed by hint.
*May not be usable when installed in locations with poor reception, such as in the mountains.
*When using a generator, make certain to use a generator equipped with an inverter. Using other types of generators can cause the unit to fail.
*Compatible with the TU-iX Series. Is not compatible with our other products or products from other companies.
*Please inquire with a vendor or one of our sales offices before buying.

Steps to Use

01. Register the installation site information.

Access our dedicated website to make your dashboard and register your installation site.
If you will publicly display information to users, you can register vacancy status online and make fliers to distribute.

02. Install the toilet

Install a toilet with hint on site.

03. Register the installation location of the toilet.

Scan the 2D bar code on the transmitter box to register the installation location of the toilet.

04. Start monitoring

Access our dedicated website to start monitoring.
Publicly display vacancy status to users and distribute fliers.

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