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 The Hamanetsu Commitment to Craftsmanship and Quality 
Hamanetsu products are fully planned, developed, produced, and sold in house.
We clearly define all processes and manufacture them according to the rules, so we can ensure the quality of our products.
Hamanetsu Quality Assurance System (Factory Made Products)

Quality Assurance Regulations[PDF:103.8KB]

Conception / Planning

We start by making a product development plan based on market research and interviews with our customers. We have several hundred proposals every year, including new products and improvements, but we narrow these down to just a few after confirming our ideal target and needs. We value the process of solidifying the core concept of our products, and plan new products based on incorporating the needs of the market with the end user in mind.

Development / Design

We flesh out plans and design product specifications. In order for the accuracy of the design to directly contribute to the quality and appeal of the products once it has actually taken shape, we carefully examine each paint and shape, then decide on product assessment items to confirm its functionality.

Development Prototyping / Evaluation

We manufacture a prototype and do product assessment. We perform drop tests, drag tests, and wind pressure tests to confirm durability under severe conditions. We also conduct vibration tests, switching tests, and load-bearing tests assuming conditions the product will be used in, and only proceed to the next process with products that pass the tests.

Mass Production Prototyping / Evaluation

Our development staff communicate with our manufacturing staff to provide them with direct guidance on manufacturing procedures and important points. We also develop the production line in the factory with consideration for production volume and specifications. This is when we perform the final quality checks before starting mass production.

Mass Production / Inspection

We start full-scale production in the factory after prototyping. Our core products and units are manufactured at our Mori Factory (Mori-machi, Shuchi-gun, Shizuoka Pref.), which has obtained ISO14001/ISO9001 certification. After production, we do an inspection to not only look for scratches and blemishes, but also check for loose nuts, forgotten screw locks and such.

Quality Maintenance Improvement

We take the utmost care regarding quality management. When there is a defect, we conduct an on-site survey and take measures to prevent recurrence. In addition, our factory promotes quality control circles, and present active-improvement initiatives for quality and production efficiency. We link information obtained through these activities and feedback from the market to our next concept and plan.