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Hamanetsu Corporation will strive to improve web accessibility, so that the user can more comfortably use the website operated by Hamanetsu (hereinafter referred to as “the website”).
Web accessibility is a term meaning that all users, including the elderly, disabled, and temporarily disabled can obtain information and use services equitably.
International standardization of web accessibility is making progress, and the international standard ISO/IEC 40500:2012, based on the guidelines of standardization organizations, and Japanese Industrial Standard JIS X 8341-3:2016 now have common content.
In order to ensure web accessibility, Hamanetsu considers the following items as it strives to create and operate a website that is easy to understand and easy to use for all users.

Alternative text for images

Hamanetsu shall always add alternative text to images with significant meaning. This makes it possible to convey content to the user when they are using a non-graphical web browser, such as a voice browser.

Table Headers

Heading tags and captions are added to tables on the website. Voice browsers read table cells according to rules. Heading tags in the cells that represent the row or column name make it clear in what order information is written. In addition, adding captions makes it clear what information the table is presenting.

Clear link destinations

Some voice browsers have a feature to extract link destinations, and link text (or buttons) on the website contain text clearly indicating the linked page, so it is clear where the link leads to.


The website does not use frames with a configuration that is difficult for voice browsers to check, so as to ensure that information is conveyed clearly even to voice browsers and browsers that do not support frames.

Flashing and blinking

The website does not use flashing or blinking content that may cause seizures in users who have epilepsy or other such conditions. On the website, emphasis is represented by the size and thickness of the font.
In addition, consideration is made for web accessibility with regard to the following factors.
Videos, text, structures, languages, input forms, pop-ups, navigation, JavaScript, PDF files, etc.
Give us feedback

Hamanetsu Corporation welcomes feedback and requests regarding web accessibility, in order to build and operate a website that is easy for all users to use. User feedback will be reflected in future improvements to the website.

Please send feedback and requests regarding web accessibility from our Contact Us page.