Knockdown ToiletsTU-A Series

Knockdown Toilets

Toilets that can be easily collapsed/assembled in a short time

Toilets you can assemble in just 8 easy steps

Flushing System

  • Pump Simple Flush


Short work period construction sites, dense residential areas, renovation work sites, etc.

Knockdown Toilet Features

Installation is over quickly

Assemble or disassemble in as little as 5 to 10 minutes.

Install it even in narrow spaces

Because of their compact size, collapsible toilets can be installed even in narrow spaces.

Product List

TU-A Series

Pump Simple FlushTU-A2FU

  • Squat Toilet
  • WeightApprox. 55kg
  • Waste Tank170L
Product No.: 1168320
Size: W800 × D1142 × H2228
Remarks: Prepare a water supply plastic tank separately.


Deodorant / Insecticide

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