TU-L seriesVehicle Mounted Toilet

Vehicle Mounted Toilet

The optimal toilet for construction that requires relocation

This product offers legal compliance, mobility, safety, comfort, and design crucial for road construction. It also has an appealing design that does not look like a toilet.

Flushing System

  • Pump Simple Flush


Road construction, embankment construction on riverbeds, mowing grass on slopes, pruning work on street trees, maintenance work in airports, renovation work in houses, etc.

Vehicle Mounted Toilet Features

Legal Compliance

This vehicle mounted toilet is optimal for road construction, and has cleared the Road Traffic Law (Less than 2.5m above ground when loading light trucks).
Total height of less than 2,500mm when loading light trucks (Road Traffic Law),Total height of 2,064mm with roof opened,Total height of 1,783mm with roof closed

Fully outfitted interior facilities

Comes standard with western toilet, urinal, and sink.
Interior Facilities

Superior usability and mobility

The roof can easily be opened and closed, so it can be moved smoothly between construction zones.

It is registered with New Technology Information System (NETIS)

NETIS is a database system for new technology information accumulated through the MLIT’s technology designation system. This system is intended to encourage the active application of useful new technologies developed by private corporations, in public works and construction projects.

NETIS (New Technology Information System)

Product List

Standard Specifications

Pump Simple FlushTU-L3F4W

  • Western Toilet
  • Urinal
  • Sink
  • WeightApprox. 140kg
  • Waste Tank120L
  • Water Supply40L
Product No.: 1180130
Size: W1470 × D1160 × H1783 (Total height with roof closed)

Comfortable Toilet Specifications

Pump Simple FlushTU-CTLF4

  • Western Toilet
  • Sink
  • WeightApprox. 135kg
  • Waste Tank120L
  • Water Supply40L
Product No.: 1538100
Size: W1470 × D1160 × H1783 (Total height with roof closed)


Vehicle Mounted Toilet Partition

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Sanitary Box
Sanitary Box
Deodorant / Insecticide

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Fitting Board