NEXNEX Toilet Universal

NEX Toilet Universal

Universal toilets that anyone can use with peace of mind

The sliding door is easy to open and close. Wheelchairs can comfortably enter the spacious interior.

Flushing System

  • Flush
  • Pump Simple Flush
  • Pressure Pump Flush


Event venues, concert venues, parks, farms, construction sites, parking lots, exhibition halls, warehouses, etc.

NEX Toilet Universal Features

Easy-to-use simple design

The sliding door is easy to open and close. There is room for wheelchairs to turn around in the spacious interior.

Made so anyone can use it with peace of mind

Comes standard with parent and child seats. It also comes with a full range of options, including ramps and tank waste flushing.

Product List


  • Western Toilet
  • Sink
  • WeightApprox. 630kg
  • Waste Tank 120L
  • Water SupplyToilet 40L, Sink 20L

Pump Simple FlushTU-NXUF4W-CIvory

Product No.: 1591001
Size: W2270 × D1970 × H2700

Pump Simple FlushTU-NXUF4W-CWood Grain

Product No.: 1591002
Size: W2270 × D1970 × H2700
  • Western Toilet
  • Sink
  • WeightApprox. 620kg


Product No.: 1591101
Size: W2270 × D1970 × H2700

FlushTU-NXUWWood Grain

Product No.: 1591102
Size: W2270 × D1970 × H2700


Free-standing Partition

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Emergency Alarm

Size: W110 × D143 × H150

Landing / Ramp

Landing: W1100 × D1150
Ramp: W1000 × D1100

Screen Door
Tank Waste Flushing
Ventilation Fan

Power Source: AC100V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 17/19W

Sanitary Box
Deodorant / Insecticide

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