RooKRooK Toilet

RooK Toilet

Toilets that you can customize for your application

Panels can be replaced, so you can change the position of the door. You can even easily replace damaged panels. This makes maintenance a snap.

Flushing System

  • Pump Simple Flush


Construction sites, event venues, etc.

RooK Toilet Features

Roomy interior size

Clears the Comfortable Toilet specifications for interior dimensions of at least 900 × 900mm. Use this roomy space more comfortably.

Removable panels

The panels can be removed, so you can change the position of the door according to where you will install it. Even if a panel gets scratched, you can easily replace it, making maintenance a snap.

Superior rigidity

Steel is used for the frame, giving it superior rigidity. Rigidity is improved during transportation and installation.

Structure suitable for transportation

There is space on the floor frame to insert forklift forks, giving it a structure that is easy to transport.

Product List

Comfortable Toilet Specifications

Pump Simple FlushTU-CTRKFU

  • Western Toilet
  • Sink
  • WeightApprox. 350kg
  • Waste Tank110L
Product No.: 1534105
Size: W1934 × D1032 × H2668


Free-standing Partition

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Fitting Board
Sanitary Box
Deodorant / Insecticide

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